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The march to the National Convention continues.
Phase I, the Caucus, ended with the certification of the final delegate allocation (more below).   Few political party organizations could have pulled off a statewide effort this large and reacted so well to the unprecedentedly large turnout as well as you did.

Phase II, the one state and four district conventions, which meet to pick our national convention delegates and alternate delegates, is underway.  The 2nd and 3rd District Conventions are done (see below).  The 1st and 4th District Conventions and State Convention are coming up.
Unlike in the past 9 national conventions, who the delegates are in each state is garnering national interest and close scrutiny because of the growing likelihood of a contested convention.
Last, we have 15 state primaries left over the next 10 weeks.  Drip, drip, drip will come the results until the last vote in June 7.

Want to be a page at the National Convention in Cleveland this summer? Reply to this e-mail.
  • Must be 16-22 years old
  • Serve From July 16  to 22, 2016

Page duties will involve vital convention-related activities such as acting as floor runners, assisting with caucus meetings, and distributing official convention materials. Pages are not assured floor credentials. The tasks they are assigned to perform at the convention will determine their access during any given session.

Kansas Republican Presidential Caucus
Final Results
Cruz Kasich Rubio
Trump Total
CD1 12227 2757 3672 6268 25365
CD2 8514 1985 3255 4581
CD3 7912 3002 4324 4254
CD4 8859 997 2044 3340
TOTAL 37512 8741 13295 18443
*CD= Congressional District
Delegate Allocation
  • At Large:  Cruz: 13, Trump: 6, Rubio 5, Kasich 1
  • CD1: 2 Cruz, 1 Trump
  • CD2: 2 Cruz, 1 Trump
  • CD3: 2 Cruz, 1 Rubio
  • CD4: 2 Cruz, 1 Trump
  • RNC: 3 Cruz

TOTAL:  24 Cruz, 9 Trump, 6 Rubio, 1 Kasich

Some highlights:
Absentee Balloting:  Now able to vote: elderly, out of  state students, military, those with religious barriers to voting on Saturday, those out of state on Caucus day.
  • Oldest Voter: 106 years old
  • Most Distant Voter:  US Embassy Baghdad
Provisional Balloting:  allowed college students away from home and those traveling to vote.
St Louis Site:  Over 500 Shocker fans were able to see their team play and vote in the Caucus.
Turnout:  was 260% of 2012’s turnout.  That is one of, if not the, highest turnout increase in the nation.  Around 81,000 (+) people tried to vote in the Caucus – including some democrats and unaffiliated voters, who unfortunately had not become Republicans in time; some votes for Carson, Fiorina, and Bush (the ballots were printed before they withdrew); and some who requested or returned absentee ballots too late.
2nd District:  March 26
 Delegates: Cheryl Reyolds, Rep. Willie Dove,  Barb Paulus
Alternates: Moriah Day,  Kathy Ammel,  Ray Shinn
3rd District: March 28
Delegates: Rep. Amanda Grosserode, Chad Bettes, Vicki Sciolaro
Alternates: Steve Shute, Brooke Yoder, Mike Kuckelman

State Representatives and National Convention Delegates Willie Dove (2CD) and Amanda Grosserode (3CD)

Republican Events
Some Upcoming Highlights:
April 5: Wisconsin  (43 delegates)
April 9:  4th Congressional District Convention (Wichita)
April 16:  1st Congressional District Convention  (Salina)
April 19: New York  (95 delegates) 
April 26: (172 Delegates)

  • Connecticut (28 delegates)
  • Maryland  (38 delegates)
  • Delaware  (16 delegates)
  • Pennsylvania (71 delegates)
  • Rhode Island (19 delegates)

May 3: Indiana (57 delegates)
May 10: (70 Delegates)

  • Nebraska (36 delegates)
  • West Virginia (34 delegates)
May 14:  State Convention & State Party Committee Meeting

May 17: Oregon (28 delegates)
May 24: Washington (44 delegates) 

June 1:  Filing deadline for Kansas Candidates
June 7: (303 Delegates)

  • California (172 delegates)
  • Montana (27 delegates)
  • New Jersey (51 delegates)
  • New Mexico (24 delegates)
  • South Dakota (29 delegates)
July 18-21:  National Republican Convention
All Kansas Republican Events with details are Listed on the party website Calendar:   [ HERE ]
Paid for by the Kansas Republican Party,
Kelly Arnold, Chairman
2605 SW 21st St, Topeka, KS 66604 | 785-234-3456 | communications@ksgop.org | www.ksgop.org

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